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Clean Leadership Summer Internships (formerly Nova Scotia Youth Corps)

Clean Leadership wants to inspire, develop and nurture an interest in jobs that support a future-looking economy and a sustainable environment. By tapping into a student’s journey mid-way through school, our training and internship program offers new green options in career path decisions – while giving young minds the tools they need for future success.

From: Clean Foundation
For: Returning students age 15-30


GradWorks matches small-to-medium-sized businesses across Nova Scotia with funding support (up to 66% of salary to a max of $25,000) to hire a recent graduate from the three eligible programs for a one-year period.

Innovate to Opportunity Hiring Incentive

Hire a recent master’s or PhD graduate to help your business become more innovative and export-oriented and the Government of Nova Scotia will cover a portion of their salary.

Youth Internship Program

From: Nova Scotia Association of CBDCS
For: Rural Nova Scotians under age 35

Co-op Education Incentive

The Co-op Education Incentive (CO-OP) provides wage assistance to private sector, government-funded and non-profit organizations offering career-related work experiences for university and community college co-operative students.

From: Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education
For: Co-op students

Graduate to Opportunity

Graduate to Opportunity (GTO) is helping to build a stronger workforce and retain well-educated young people in Nova Scotia with a salary incentive that makes it easier to hire recent graduates.

From: Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education
For: Recent graduates

Work Smarts (Regular & Aboriginal Program)

Work Smarts provides access to subsidized, career related positions for recent graduates who want to work in Nova Scotia, Canada.

From: Sobey School Business Development Centre
For: Recent graduates

ENVS 3000

One of the classes offered in Dalhousie’s Environmental Science program is ENVS 3000, the Environmental Science Internship. By doing an internship during your studies, you’ll gain hands-on experience while pursuing questions of personal and academic interest relevant to an aspect of environmental science.

From: Dalhousie University
For:  Dalhousie students who have declared an honours, major, or double major in Environmental Science, or a concentration or a minor in Environmental Studies.

Organic Farming Internship

Experience farming as both as a lifestyle and a livelihood alongside seasoned farmers who want to teach what they know and learn what they don’t. We offer each intern a small plot of land where they can experiment with crops and have their own garden to grow what they want. Inside, everyone is encouraged to read from the constantly expanding comprehensive farm library.

From: Four Seasons Farm


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