Venture for Canada - Innovation Jam

Jul 06, 2018 12:00 -
Jul 08, 2018 12:00 ADT
Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax Regional Municipality, NS, Canada


Venture for Canada’s 2018 Innovation Jam is a chance to build new skills and networks, win prizes, and demonstrate to us how you would approach and solve a real innovation challenge.

The Jam is a chance for those interested in our Atlantic Internship Program -- whether you’ve applied already or not -- to learn more about Venture for Canada, develop real skills and connections, and give us more info on how you work and think as we select this year’s interns. Show us what you got!

It’s the chance to brighten your future in entrepreneurship

and increase your chance of becoming a Venture for Canada Atlantic Intern.

From July 6-8, Atlantic Canada’s most ambitious and creative students will gather for a weekend of teamwork, problem-solving, and fun. There’s a series of great prizes up for grabs, and along the way you’ll receive three hours of training, focused on teamwork, design thinking, marketing, and pitching your ideas. Food and accommodations at Mount Saint Vincent University are included, and travel subsidies are available!

The Innovation Jam is by invite only. Get your invite by filling out this form (thirty seconds).

More information on the Atlantic Internship Program and Venture for Canada can be found at Our door is always open to questions, ideas, and new challenges!

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