National Forum on Workforce Development in the Marine Industry

Sep 05, 2017 07:30 - 16:00 ADT

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National Workforce Forum

What is the Forum?

The Marine Peoples Partnership Advisory Committeeis pleased to announce our first National Forum on Workforce Development in the Marine Industry, which is being organized to provide a platform for assembling key stakeholders and experts in workforce development from across the country, to discuss, debate, share best practices, and highlight key priority areas across sectors, and across the broader industry. Additionally, this is an opportunity to connect a network around common workforce issues, and benefit from the synergies and collaborations that arise from engaged stakeholders.

Hosted by Dr. Sherry Scully, and featuring 4 panels of experts, the Forum will provide a channel for information exchange where all participants can have a role in idea-building. This full day event is a great opportunity to bring together representatives from government, industry, and academia. The panel discussions will culminate in a drafting of recommendations and key priorities for the industry, which will be shared with all conference participants.

Key Note Speaker: Sandra Franke

Sandra is a manager with the Youth Employment Program Policy Division, in the department of Employment and Social Development Canada. She has been responsible for policy and research related to labour market programs for youth for the last 6 years. Prior to joining this group, Sandra held different positions in the government as a policy researcher, including 5 years with the Policy Research Initiative, a Government of Canada think tank, where she coordinated interdepartmental research initiatives in support of the government’s medium-term policy agenda. Along with her role as a policy advisor to the government, Sandra contributes her policy expertise on youth transitions, social capital and social innovations through publications, presentations and teaching and serves on editorial, advisory and adjudication committees. Sandra recently received two governmental awards of excellence for policy innovations and for “learning on the edge”. Sandra joined the federal public service in 2001 after pursuing her doctoral education in Urban Studies at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique in Montreal.

Additional Information on the National Forum

Registration & Fees Schedule Location and Timing Where to Stay

Registration: $70 per person (plus applicable taxes)
Includes light breakfast, lunch and two coffee breaks

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Panel Organization

Industry Apprenticeship Post Secondary Education K/P to 12 Education


As robust workforce development is key to keeping a thriving marine industry, this panel will focus on where industry leaders see the challenges and successes currently, and where the see the future need. Experts within the industry will share their experiences, and provide insight into future areas of focus for workforce development.

Moderator: Jim Hanlon, CEO, IORE/COVE


Mark Taylor, Shipbuilding And Strategy Manager, Jedi Nb

Joe Hood, Software Product Manager, GeoSpectrum

Captain J.K. Wilson, Canadian Navy

Owen Fitzgerald, Director Of Industry and Government Engagement, Mebons

Sheilagh Murphy, Asst. Deputy Minister, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Mark Jollymore, Ceo, Amirix/Vemco

Ken Lewenza, Labour

Phil Hart, Vice President, Fleetway Inc/Oceanic Consulting Services

Grant MacLeod, Clearwater Seafood

For more information on the panelists click here.

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